Halloween (2018) Smiths Grove

This is part of an series of locations for Halloween (2018). For the main page, go here.

Smiths Grove is actually a couple of locations, but we will start with the courtyard exteriors. These scenes were shot at the Military Magnet Academy, 2950 Carner Avenue in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The podcasters and doctor emerge from this corner. You can see they added bars to the windows for filming.

The first shot shows where they put the prop cameras. The second shot appeared in the trailer, not the movie.

The courtyard looks a lot like the Citadel, located just a few miles away. It appears they used CGI to make the windows smaller to reflect an actual institution. They also walled off the entrance at the far end.

Be sure to tie your shoes!

This is a private school, so if you are visiting, be sure to ask for permission to get on the premises or take any photographs.

The yellow lines were painted for the movie, of course.

“I borrowed something from a friend at the attorney general’s office, Michael.”

“You feel it, don’t you, Michael?”

“You feel the mask.”

“Say something, Michael.”

“Say something!!!”

As I am a completist, here are some behind the scenes shots.

Now the interiors of Smiths Grove were shot about 30 miles west of this location at the MacDougall Correctional Institution, 1516 Old Gilliard Road in Ridgeville, South Carolina. These shots are not mine, but taken from a locations page, but you can see some of the areas where they filmed.