Homecoming - Episode 10 (2018)

Homecoming 10002.jpg

My favorite spots to visit on this trip were the ones far east of Los Angeles. First up is this gas station, located at 231 North Highway 173 in Lake Arrowhead, California.

Just up the street is some stores she drives by, starting with Cedar Station Antiques, located at 28930 Hook Creek Road in Cedar Glen, California.

The post office is also in Cedar Glen at 28982 Hook Creek Road.

Next, we move south to Running Springs California. This first shot looks down on the town, from approximately 32031 Holiday Lane. There is no stop sign at that spot, but I included a shot of where it was as well as a stop sign that was nearby (not the same one, though).

Walter drives up the street to the hardware store located at 32005 Hilltop Boulevard in Running Springs.

The inside was about the same except for this shelf.

Walter exits the store and walks to the diner, the Old Country Coffee Shop located at 32019 Holiday Lane in Running Springs.

The production added some hanging lamps to the diner.

Of course, I wanted to sit in the same exact spot they did, but they actually moved the tables around so that they would line up exactly with the window.

The table she sat at…

I found the right table by matching the patterns. (The last shot was not of the correct table, but what I did while waiting for my lunch!) The staff at the diner were great, I highly recommend checking it out.