Poltergeist III (1988)

While definitely a fan of the original Poltergeist and somewhat of the first sequel, the third entry was a letdown.  Add the darker cloud hovering over the film with the death of its lead actress, I do give them kudos for some of their efforts to do this without optical effects.  The film was shot primarily in Chicago, with sets using a warehouse at 2500 West Roosevelt Road and a handful of exterior locations.  You can also read about these locations in my article for Horror's Hallowed Grounds in HorrorHound magazine.

First up is Bruce Gardener's building, better known as the Hancock Building at 875 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  I'll be honest, it's been a while since I took these pictures and I can't remember where I took pictures of the escalators.  The parking garage scenes were shot at the Mid America Plaza at Highway 83 and 22nd Street in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

I was able to find the high school pretty easily, this was several years ago before the address got published.  It is at 330 West Webster Avenue in Chicago.

Not as easy to find was Carol Anne's school, as it's not even a school and essentially I only h ad a couple shots to use as reference but I figured it out.  Again, this is years ago, so no one else had found it at this point and I also wasn't intentionally trying to take screen-matched shots.  It is located at 1435 North Astor Street in Chicago.

And here is me with Nancy Allen, Aunt Trish....errrr Pat.