Santa Cruz

The Lost Boys (1987)

If there was one movie I hooked into during high school, it was probably The Lost Boys.  Rewatching it decades later, some parts have not aged so well, but other scenes are pretty timeless to me.  And who doesn't love the soundtrack?  Recently I was fortunate enough to enroll in a leadership series at Stanford University and took advantage of being so close to Santa Cruz to visit some locations.  So here we go!

First up, we have our first intro to the main location, the Santa Carla Boardwalk aka the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  The carousel hasn't changed much.  I wasn't able to get too many screen-matched locations as I try to avoid getting children's faces  in published shots, nearly impossible at a fun place like this!  

Next up we go into our main title sequence. As I don't have a helicopter at my disposal, these shots are not screen-matched, but gives you an idea of the location.  They travel on West Cliff Drive past the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum, which in reality is on the way to the boardwalk.  The billboard was approximately where the surfer statue is situated.

Back to the boardwalk during more of the credit sequence.  I should mention here that this is not a comprehensive showcase of all the locations, just the ones I had time to get to visiting during the trip.  

As the credits continue, the family arrives at Grandpa's house.  Also located in Santa Cruz at 333 Golf Club Drive, is the historic Pogonip Clubhouse.  Although you are not able to directly drive up to the house,  there is a spot to park your car and walk to it.  

We'll head back to the shore to visit the video store location on the Santa Cruz Wharf.  The store was located at Suite 17-D.  It looks like there were windows in the back of the store at the time of filming, but no longer.  I went ahead and included some other shots throughout the movie here.  (Update: added night shot provided by dad!)

Before we head directly back to the boardwalk, below is a shot of where the couple who stole the comic book meet their fate.  This area is in a small park area south of the boardwalk and is a great scenic spot.

Back to the boardwalk for a few more scenes.  I was excited that Hot Dog On A Stick was still there as well as some other shops.  (Update: evening shots provided by my dad!)

UPDATE: Many fans claim the bridge use in a pivotal scene was the Iron Horse Trailhead bridge off Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia, California.  I was finally able to get out there for some pictures. I'm still not 100% convinced this is it, but here are some photos.

Poor Dianne Wiest can't catch a break and stands Edward Hermann up at this restaurant, also located on the Santa Cruz Wharf.  Now called Olitas Cantina & Grille, it is at 49 Municipal Wharf, Suite B.  I couldn't get the exact shot of where Edward was sitting, but included the camera's POV and parking lot where Dianne drives off.

We'll head back to the house for a few more shots.  During the filming, the right side of the front porch was enclosed as a breezeway, but it is now open.  I incorrectly guessed on the side of the house that Michael was floating outside of, but included both sides here just for reference.

Next we travel down to Burbank, California for the scene where the boys go to a church to get holy water. This was shot on the backlot at Warner Bros. Studios.  While the church and some houses have remained the same, the houses in the far background have been demolished and rebuilt with new facades.   For houses that still do exist, the boys bike past Phoebe's house from Friends as well as the corner house featured in Gremlins, Deadly Friend, and Growing Pains.  The house directly to the right of the church with the distinctive chimney was Ross and Rachel's house in Friends as well as Kristy Swanson's house in Deadly Friend.

I didn't want the last location to be the church, so we'll end on a couple sunset shots of the roller-coaster on the boardwalk.

I was fortunate to meet Edward Hermann in 2014 shortly before he passed away.  He is greatly missed.