Halloween (2018)

As Halloween (1978) is my favorite movie, I have high anticipation for the new 2018 film and couldn't wait to get to the new locations.  The current pics are from my visit in May 2018, well before the trailer was released, so there was no opportunity to screen match beforehand.  Please be patient as I'm currently only posting location pics for those that have appeared in the trailer or behind the scenes clips...


The first street shot appears in front of this house at 19 Stocker Drive in Charleston, South Carolina.

The gas station is at 1256 Yeamans Hall Road in Hanahan, South Carolina.

A lot of the action appears to take place at this house is at 40 Fenwick Drive in Charleston, SC.

There are a few scenes that appear in the backyard of the house as well...

The houses in the reverse shots are located at 41 and 43 Fenwick Drive.

The kids Laurie tells to run are in front of the house at 340 President Street in Charleston.

Michael exits the front porch at the house at 330 President Street in Charleston.

In front of that same house, Michael bumps into some trick or treaters before tuning to look down the driveway....

Michael also appears in front of this house at 338 President Street.

One location I did not visit was the prison, which is actually the Military Magnet Academy at 2950 Carner Avenue in North Charleston. The production narrowed the windows to make it look more like an actual penitentiary. 

H40 prison.jpg


Another location that I was not able to visit, and likely will not be able to as it is on private land, is the Laurie Strode's home, located in a rural area of North Charleston.

H40 Laurie House.jpg


Click on the image below for a link to a map of filming locations for the entire series: