Halloween (2018) Jog to a Hanging Dog

The next entry is a deleted scene where Allyson is jogging through the neighborhood and comes across a hanging dog. The scene was shot in two neighborhoods. The first part of the scene was shot just a couple blocks from the scene where Michael is hit by the sheriff’s car.

In this first shot, Allyson is jogging between the houses at 1413 and 1415 Iroquois Streets.

I was able to find this location based on the quick shot of her running by the utility pole here.

She continues the jog past 1409 Iroquois Street.

She is then running in the opposite direction back to where she was in the previous shots, now passing by 1401 and 1403 Iroquois Street.

We then move to a completely different neighborhood. This area is just a block away from Julien’s house seen later in the movie. Here Allyson jogs on Fenwick Drive.

She continues where you can see multiple houses on Fenwick Drive in the background.

She passes by a house that was under construction during filming, located at 20 Fenwick Drive.

She jogs up to the house at 1 Belvue Road.

When I was out in the area in the summer of 2018, a neighbor told me about this hanging dog scene, so I knew something was missing when the movie came out theatrically later that year.

Michael is watching down the road, parked approximately next to 6 Fenwick Drive.