Waiting For Guffman (1996)

A few years ago I was down in Texas doing some locations for a number of films. I realized that most of the Waiting For Guffman locations were in Lockhart, Texas, about a half-hour from Austin. I was pleasantly surprised how much hasn’t changed in this town…

Waiting For Guffman (6).png

The first shot of the silos is off North Pecos Street between the railroad and Wassa Street in Lockhart.

The theatre seen in the title card is located at 216 South Main Street in Lockhart.

Waiting 02.jpg

The next shot is just up the street at 205 South Main Street.

Waiting 05.jpg

The town square of Blaine is seen throughout the film; in reality this is the Caldwell County Courthouse located at 110 South Main Street.

The museum is located at 215 W San Antonio Street.

Waiting 06.jpg

Here we get our first look at Cokry’s apartment, located at 101 S Main Street.

Waiting 04.jpg

The interiors for this location were also used. The Lockhart Shoppes on Main were kind enough to let me take some shots.

Waiting 19.jpg

The travel agency was located at 110 East Market Street.

Waiting 14.jpg

The Dairy Queen was located at 300 South Main Street.

If you look closely, you can still see the DQ shapes on the wall…

Waiting 16.jpg

The dentist office is actually a real dentist office and is right next to the DQ. This is located at 308 South Main Street.

Waiting 17.jpg

The garage was located at 218 North Main Street. Not much looks the same except for the roof of the structure o the right.

The library is located at 217 South Main Street.

Waiting 07.jpg

Back to Corky’s apartment….

Waiting 20.jpg
Waiting 11.jpg
Waiting 12.jpg
Waiting 24.jpg

One of my favorite scenes is Parker cooking a sad piece of chicken on the grill. This house is at 527 Ash Street.