American Horror Story: 1984 (2019)

As I will be in New York attending the opening night of Madonna’s new Madame X Tour, I won’t be able to see the season premier of American Horror Story: 1984. So, I will be posting some pics in advance. The first few pics show some location comparisons used in a few of the teaser trailers. All of these shots were taken in Franklin Canyon Park in Los Angeles.

AHS 1984 001.jpg
AHS 1984 003.jpg
AHS 1984 004.jpg

The next set of pictures were taken in September 2019. There is security posted at each location, but you should be able steal a few pics here and there.

AHS 1984 101.jpg
AHS 1984 106.jpg

I’m not sure what this is for, but there are fake trees covering up the equipment here:

I’ve been to this park many times, so any alterations are quickly noticeable, such as this wired lamp near the bridge:

The next few pics are from an earlier visit in June 2019. Although they wouldn’t tell me what show they were building for at the time, between the Fox trucks and knowledge of the season' story, I knew it was the upcoming American Horror Story.

AHS 1984 114.jpg
AHS 1984 116.jpg
AHS 1984 119.jpg
AHS 1984 121.jpg