Don't Breathe (2016)

With the latest thriller Don't Breathe taking the box office by storm, fellow set-jetters are anxious to track down the blind man's house.  While all the interiors were shot in Hungary, the production did shoot some exteriors in Detroit.  

But first... let's hit up the easiest location to find first, Alex's house.  The house number is visibly seen during the scene so this was an easy one to track down at 2676 Ferry Park Drive in Detroit, Michigan.  (No accompanying screenshot for this one as it doesn't show up in the trailer.)

Next is an aerial shot of the trio driving.  Using the only visible clue in the shot, a Valero gas station, I was able to track this down near the intersection of Linwood Street and Sturtevant Avenue in Detroit.

And while there are many other exteriors to be found for the film, I was most intent on finding the house.  With an obvious fake address of 1837 Buena Vista Street, this would be tricky.  As I had already found the above intersection, I was guessing that they would not stray to far from this spot and after some searching I was able to find the house.  I am most shocked that it was actually on the street named in the movie, but at 2488 Buena Vista Street.  The major changes for filming include altering the double-door to a single-door and adding fake vent to the left side of the house for plot purposes.

And to be sure, I double checked the houses across the street matched accordingly as well.

That's all for now, but as I won't be getting to Detroit for a while, I wanted to share this location find for fans.   Hopefully, I'll soon be working on my previous Detroit visits of It Follows and Scream 4, stay tuned!