Halloween II (1981)

The well-regarded sequel stayed close to its roots picking up moments after the first film ended.   Many locations make return appearances in the film.

The first new shot is of the Doyle house where Myers is now shot seven (!) times, but out the front balcony instead of the back.  The house is located at 1530 North Orange Grove Avenue in Los Angeles.

The next door neighbor tells Loomis he's been trick or treated to death tonight.  The house is 1536 North Orange Grove Avenue.

The post-credits sequence opens in the alley behind the Elrod house, located at 716 Meridian Avenue in South Pasadena, California.

Thanks to location savvy fan, Mr H on the Official Halloween Message Board, for locating Alice's house at 57 Montecito Court in Sierra Madre.  I was able to get out there in October 2015 and grab some pics.

The Doyle house makes a return appearance to pick up Laurie Strode and her new wig.

The Wallace house also returns as the sheriff identifies his daughter.  As most fans know, Dana Carvey makes his first film appearance here.  The house is located at 1537 North Orange Grove Avenue.

Of course, the Myers house also makes a brief appearance.  Originally located at 709 Meridian in South Pasadena, it was relocated to 1000 Mission Street.

Looking for Myers, Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Brackett drive by this house at 1542 North Orange Grove Avenue, which is just a couple houses up from the Doyle residence.  The interiors of this house was used for the Wallace house in the first film.

The Elrod house actually faces the same street where the Myers house was originally located.   This street makes a reappearance as Loomis spots poor Ben Tramer in a mask.  Ben doesn't look both ways and crosses the street.  The scene takes place at the corners of Meridian Avenue and Magnolia Street in South Pasadena.  

Kersting Court in Sierra Madre makes its first Halloween appearance as Karen takes her friend to work.

This short scene is followed by Michael bumping into "boombox boy" and then walking around the corner to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.   The scene was re-enacted by the actual actors in the movie, Dick Warlock and his son, Lance..

The elementary school makes a reappearance both inside and out.  The school is Garfield Elementary at 110 West McLean Street in Alhambra, California.

And finally, Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, located at 16111 Plummer Street.  The building has changed quite a bit over the years, but parts of it are still recognizable.  The location is a veterans hospital and they definitely don't like people taking pictures.  In my quick visit, I was stopped by an employee, so for future visitors, be quick!  While the main entrance has changed quite a bit, the loading dock looks almost exactly the same.

Mr. H comes through again!  He was able to locate the spot of road where Dr. Loomis forces the deputy to turn the car around, located at the Hansen Dam area.

Throughout my travels, I have gone to some horror movie conventions and specifically the Halloween ones.  Below are some of the cast I have met over the years

For fans wanting to make the trek to locations, I keep a map updated with all known Halloween locations, click the pic below!