Hannibal (2013-2015)

I admit it, I didn't want to give the Hannibal tv series a shot when it premiered. It wasn't until midway through the second season I decided to give it another go after hearing rave reviews and I've been a Fannibal ever since. Bryan Fuller did a fantastic job of creating a universe that was familiar but would veer out into new directions with characters following different beats. I was sorry to see it go after three seasons, but I know in my heart it will be back. Last year I made it to Toronto for the first time and was excited to see Hannibal locations up close and personal. I wasn't able to hit them all, but tried to get the main ones. Special thanks to David Fleischer and his Reel Toronto column for highlighting many of these locations.

I'll start with the main locations that appear throughout the series then do a few each season. Hannibal's office probably makes the most appearances albeit mostly in establishing shots. It is located at 71 Simcoe Street in Toronto, Ontario. I tried to replicate the shots the best I could, but couldn't get the full range without a special lens.

The real Quantico is located in Virginia and was featured in The Silence of the Lambs. For the series, they used the University of Toronto - Scarborough, in particular, the Humanities Wing at 1256 Military Trail in Scarborough, Ontario. The building is impressive in real life as it looks on the screen and it was fantastic to see it in person.

The B.A.U. Headquarters in Quantico is actually the same building, but on the other side.

One of the first scenes with Will Graham and Jack Crawford takes place on the side of this building. This spot was also used in the Jake Gyllenhaal film, Enemy.

Back to the front of the same building, Alana Bloom and Jack Crawford have a scene in the first episode of the series.

The exterior of Hannibal's house makes only a few brief appearances in this season, but we'll return to this spot for the end on the second season. It is located at 50 Lowther Avenue in Toronto.

The exquisite house of Bedelia Du Maurier, wonderfully played by Gillian Anderson, is located at 2350 Doulton Drive in Mississauga, Ontario.

Unfortunately, I didn't find Will Graham's house in time for my trip, but was finally able to track it down. The pictures are taken from the internet and some google street views. It is located at 1585 Whitevale Road in Pickering, Ontario.

We'll move on to some episode-specific locations now, starting with the pharmacy seen in the second episode, Amuse-Bouche. It is located at 222 Lansdowne Avenue in Toronto.

In the fifth episode, Coquilles, a murder victim is posed as an angel in this alley, located off Adelaide Street East, between Yong and Victoria Streets in Toronto.

The motel Freddie Lounds stays at is the Maple Leaf Motel at 4540 Kingston Road in Scarborough, Ontario.  I wasn't able to get to this location on the visit so the reference pictures are from google.

In the Fromage episode, Tobias wants to play people like a violin and does just that!  His house is located at 514 Jarvis Street in Toronto.

I honestly can't remember which episode this is from, but in reality it is Victoria University at 73 Queen Park's Crescent in Toronto.

In the first episode of the second season, workers find bodies in the river. This spot is located at the Rockwood Conservation area at 161 Fall Street in Guelph/Eramosa, Ontario.

The FBI investigates the scene from the bridge overlooking the spot. This is located just east of the Harris Woollen Mill in the park.

In the episode, Naka-choko, the Natural History Museum is played by the Royal Ontario Museum at 100 Queens Park in Toronto.

One of the interiors is at Knox College, at 59 St. George Street in Toronto. It was closed on my visit, but I was able to get a few pictures through the window.

Freddie visits this hotel, the Old Mill Toronto located at 21 Old Mill Road in Etobicoke, Ontario.

I was excited when Mason Verger came on to the series. His estate is made up of a few different locations, but the horse stables are part of the Casa Loma estate, located at 328 A Walmer Road in Ontario. Lots of construction going on, so I decided to opt out of the tour and come back another time when it looked a bit better.

Freddie catches up with Alana at Teefy Hall at the University of Ontario in Toronto, located at 57 Queens Park Crescent East.

Don't ask me why I went overboard with screenshots of this scene...

...I guess I felt the need to be VERY thorough with this scene!

For the bloody finale of season 2, we return to visit Hannibal's house for the last time...

On to the third season, which shot a lot in Europe due to the storyline. We begin in France, following Hannibal speeding through the city on a motorcycle stopping in front of a hotel. With a nice use of CGI, he is at the Novotel in Toronto located at 45 The Esplanade.  (Of course, I chose to stay at this hotel during my visit!)

Lecter stalks Dr. Fell after the party...

Francis Dollarhyde picks up Reba McClane at this bus stop. This was a particularly tough one to find, but I was able to make out a sign for the Oriental Food Centre building in the background, located at 580 Orwell Street in Mississauga, Ontario. The bus stop was put in just south of the building.

To lure the Red Dragon, they take a picture with a park in the background. Later in the scene Will and Jack walk through the park, located at 120 King Street East in Toronto.

Poor Dr. Chilton is tortured beyond belief before being set on fire in a wheelchair and goes careening into the fountain at the same park. 

And finally, we have the house of Francis Dollarhyde, located at 4 Queens Street South in Hamilton, Ontario. There was construction going on here as well, so my shots were limited.

So that is it for my actual location visits, but stay tuned to this spot and I'll update with other locations that are used for your reference.

I had the great fortune to meet a few of the cast, including Dr. Lecter himself, Mads Mikkelsen!

I always wanted to get into Will Graham's pants... and now I can! I was able to get his original pajama's wardrobe from the episode, Ko No Mono.