Heathers (1988)

I was lucky enough to see Heathers in the theater, although I didn't quite know what I was in for at the time. It's hard to imagine a film like this getting made in the post-Columbine world, although they did turn it into a mildly entertaining musical. While many of the locations have been found and visited by fans, I have a couple new ones I was able to track down.

First up is Veronica's house.  While we don't see the outside of the house until later in the film, I'll post these pictures first.  Thanks to a hint on the 80sRewind website, I was able to track the house down at 13544 Lucca Drive in Pacific Palisades, California.

Most of the backyard scenes and some living room scenes were actually shot at this location as well.  The pictures used below for reference are from various websites when the the house was for sale.

Time for school!  Many of the exteriors were shot at John Adams Middle School, located at 2425 16th Street in Santa Monica, California.  The lunchtime poll occurs at the back of the school in the parking lot.

Heather Chandler's funeral is at the Church of the Angels at 1100 Avenue 64 in Pasadena, California. It has been used in many productions and definitely worth the visit.

One of my favorite moments is Heather McNamara rinsing her hands in the holy water.

Veronica and Heather walk out of the church to plan their night.  (I haven't gone to the cow-tipping location yet, but it is at Griffith Park.)

...with the two jocks who have a run in with the nerds.

They chase them and tackle one of the nerds on the front lawn of the church.

One of the nerds is tackled and held down in front of the statue.

The Snappy Snack Shack was a bit tough to find. Obviously the name was made up for the movie and I was guessing they really wanted it to be a 7-11. The only clue I had to go on was a partial glimpse of the sign where I could see a couple bands of color that I recognized as an AM/PM convenience store.  With that knowledge, I was able to find the correct one at 5158 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in the Valley Village area of Los Angeles.

"BQ or Plain?"   "BQ!!"

After courting Veronica with a cherry slushee, they walk outside and continue to talk.  "I don't really like my friends."  

Remmington University is actually one of other schools they shot at, including some of the hallways and other interiors.  This scene was shot at Bridges Academy at 3921 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Studio City, California.

"Transfer to Washington. Transfer to Jefferson. No one at Westerberg's going let you play their reindeer games."

After killing the two jocks, Veronica and Ram arrive and school and have a big fight in their car.  Once again we are at the Santa Monica school in the back parking lot.

Heather and Heather arrive at school and find out that school is canceled because Curt and Ram killed themselves in a repressed homosexual suicide pact.

"I love my dead gay son."

Martha Dumptruck attempts to kill herself by walking into traffic.  We are back at the Santa Monica school on the Pearl Street side by the auditorium.

"No, it's not Heather.... no... it's Madonna.  Geez, no, not that"

When Heather is ready to become the new sheriff in Town, JD has her working on a petition at the school.  The first shot is in front of the auditorium at the Santa Monica school, while the other shot is at Bridges Academy.

For the nightmare sequence we return to the church in Pasadena. 

"My afterlife is so boring. If I have to sing kumbaya one more time..."

For the finale, we return to John Adams Middle School.  This parking lot is now mostly a playground, located near the back of the school.

We get a good shot of the auditorium and steps that will be the centerpiece for the finale.  Also at John Adams Middle School, on the Pearl Street side.

After a fight in the boiler room, Veronica emerges from the auditorium...

JD prepares to blow himself up while Veronica prepares to smoke...

How can you not recreate this moment at this location!

Cigarette lit, Veronica walks back into the school.  (I had to recreate this shot as well of course.)

I was fortunate to meet Glenn Shadix before he passed.  He has my favorite line in the film:  "I blame not Heather, but rather a society that tells its youth that the answers can be found in the MTV video games."

Also had the pleasure to meet an actual Heather, Shannen Doherty!