Homecoming - Episode 1 (2018)

Homecoming 1012.jpg

Our first location for the series is one of my favorite, the Geist building. This is actually a former Toyota office campus located at 19851 S Western Avenue in Torrance, California. I was lucky to get into this spot and grab some pictures. I was in a hurry to get in and out of there as quickly as possible, so not all the pictures are exactly screen-matched.

The diner where Heidi works has been used in a few productions already. It is the Chowder Barge, located at 611 N Henry Ford Avenue in Wilmington, California.

Back to the Geist location. Although they did use the front lobby area of the building, much of the interiors were built on one of the largest sets ever built at Universal Studios.

Back to Fat Morgan’s aka The Chowder Barge…

One location that I did not visit was the condo. I immediately recognized this spot as it was recently used in the latest season of Arrested Development . It is the Del Rey Colony at 690 Harbor Street in Venice.