Homecoming - Episode 5 (2018)

Homecoming 5011.jpg

Back at Fat Morgan’s aka The Chowder Barge in Wilmington, California. You may notice a hanging fireplace in the restaurant that they took out for the series.

With all the cars, I couldn’t line up the shots properly to get the exact screenshot of the parking lot…

Back at Geist, as you can see a bit of the lobby I was able to shoot through the window. (No, I didn’t try the door to see if it was open!)

Rainy days kept me from the campus location, located at the LA Valley College at 5800 Fulton Avenue in Van Nuys; nor did I get to the airport scene which I recognized from Happytime Murders at 2800 N Clybourn Avenue in Burbank. I thought for sure the Macy’s store was at the Burbank Mall, but found out when I got home it was at Sherman Oaks Mall at 14000 Riverside Drive, thanks to Seeing-Stars.