Nine To Five (1980)

I can't believe it's been nearly four decades since Nine to Five was release. I can't even begin to count how many times I've watched it and it still holds up to this day. I've visited various locations over the years, so finally time to stitch it all together.  So tumble outta bed and pour yourself a cup of ambition, it's time to locations for 9 to 5...

Nine To Five (3).jpg

The credits sequence was actually shot in San Francisco.  For the first two shots, I have used some Google streetviews until my friend gets to the city to grab some shots.  The big clock with the buildings in the background was around 525 Market Street. The spot where the woman misses her bus is just catty-corner from this spot.  And the gold Samuels Clock is around 846 Market Street, thanks to my friend James for taking that pic.

As the credits end, we catch up with Judy who crosses the street for her first way of work at Consolidated, located at 800 West 6th Street in Los Angeles, California.

After a tough day at work, Judy returns home to find her ex-husband at her apartment door. This location was missing for a while until a fan tracked it down at 4370 Ocean View Boulevard in La Canada Flintridge, California. The gate around the stairs has been updated, but there is one section of the old gate still up around the garage that I included in the last picture for reference.

The exterior of Charlie's Bar was located just a flew blocks down from the office at 505 West 6th Street. This building has changed quite a bit since filming, so I have just used an old Google streetview that shows how it looked closest to the time of filming.

We are back at the office building. The ambulance leaves from the side of the building on Lebanon Street.  I included some photos of this spot, however, they are not screen-specific as I was taking shots for another location for a Madonna commercial.

The hospital was located at 801 South Chevy Chase Drive in Glendale, California.  And of course I parked my car in the same spot as they did in the movie.

After they steal the body, we have a couple driving scenes, both on Pico Boulevard and both at the corner at Manning Avenue.

Next we are in Century City, where the ladies turn from Higuera Street north onto Hadyen Avenue.  

Many years ago, I was able to track down this spot by using the shoe warehouse as a clue.  It is no longer there as well as the original building, but a lot of the surrounding buildings are the same.  The building behind them is located at 3623 Hayden Avenue.  I have been to this spot a few times over the years, as you'll notice with the varying  pictures. My friend and I had to replicate as many scenes as we could on our visit!

As they leave, the women drive back up Hayden Avenue towards Higuera Street.

We are back on West Pico Boulevard, this time the women drive through the intersection at Manning and are pulled over on the 10600 block of Pico.  After the cop lets them go, they drive down Pico and past the corner of Pelham Avenue.

Another quick driving shot, this time on the 12000 block of West Pico Boulevard. Some of the buildings are gone, but the two-story brick building is still there, which I used as a reference for this location.

Quick stop back at the hospital in Glendale where the women discard the wrong body.

Here we have our first shot of Hart's house.  Located at 10431 Bellagio Road in Bel Air, my first picture of the house was during my first trip to LA in 1985. As you can see, the house was virtually identical to the movie at the time.  The second picture was taken many years later after the house had some renovation including an addition to the left side.

Ajax Warehouse was an easy find thanks to the building in the background.  It is located at 2028 Bay Street in the industrial area of downtown Los Angeles.

The next location was a bit trickier to track down. It is a quick shot of the women driving to the hardware store. I was able to barely read the name of a now-closed restaurant as a clue and found this location on the 2200 block of Honolulu Avenue in Montrose, California.

Back at the Hart house for a few more scenes....

Missy Hart stays at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, located at 2025 Avenue of the Stars.  I have stayed here a couple of times, but don't ask me why I never recreated the shot of her talking on the phone on the balcony! The hotel is going under a major renovation, so it will not look like this for long.

Violent returns to Ajax Warehouse to find that Hart is filling it back up with inventory...

And finally, back to Consolidate at 6th and Flower Streets in downtown Los Angeles...

I was lucky to see Jane Fonda speak at a fundraiser here in Omaha and even luckier to have my sister and I grab a photo with her after the event.