Police Academy (1984)

Today marks the 35th anniversary for Police Academy, released on this day, March 23, 1984. I took my first trip to Toronto four years ago, so you can see how far behind I am on these posts. Lots of construction going on at the time, so not everything is as screen-matched as I would like it to be.

Police Academy (2).png

First up is the house of Bruce Mahler, of Friday the 13th: the Final Chapter fame, and the late, great Debralee Scott. This is located at 81 Elsfield Road in, Etobicoke, Ontario.

The “police academy” itself is located at Humber College at 2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive in Etobicoke. Building G is the main building seen in the film, and some of the adjacent buildings were used as the dorms. As you can see, there was quite a bit of construction during my visit, so couldn’t get all the shots I wanted. Horror fans will recognize this building from Urban Legend.

The commander’s house was also used in Urban Legend. This is the Cumberland House, right across the way from the other buildings on the campus.

This one I’m not sure about. Supposedly the Blue Oyster Bar is the Silver Dollar Room, also seen in Adventures In Babysitting. Not sure if a different exterior was used, but doesn’t line up for me, but included it here anyways.

My favorite part used to be the horse scene. Located near the corner of Colborne and Scott Streets in downtown Toronto, you can see there was a lot of construction that kept me from getting some better shots.

This spot is along the 2900 block of Lake Shore Boulevard West in Toronto.

Much of the riot takes place in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. This was also seen briefly in The Fly.

The standoff takes place at a different location, near the corner of Hanna Avenue and Snooker Street. You can see many of the buildings have changed, and one even added an additional floor to the top.

One of my favorite convention guests, Leslie Easterbrook!