juliette lewis

Kalifornia (1993)

One of my favorite movies (and LaserDisc and poster!) of the early 90’s was Kalifornia. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. Although it is a trek about California, most of it was shot in Georgia. Although I didn’t hit all the locations, here are a few below.


The first location is the university. This location is Dahlberg Hall located at 30 Courtland Street SE in Atlanta, Georgia.

The apartment was a bit tricky to find, but tracked it down to 141 Magnum Street Southwest in Atlanta.

Just a few blocks away they drive by this cleaners shop located at 201 Mitchell Street SW in Atlanta.

Here they are driving up MLK Jr Drive Southwest between Forsyth Street SW and Ted Turner Drive NW, however since my visit, the dome in the background has been demolished.

The gas station was located at 200 Memorial Drive SW in Atlanta.

The motel was still barely there when I visited a couple years ago, it was located at 2380 Metropolitan Parkway SW in Atlanta.

The beach house at the end is actually in California. It has changed a bit since filming and was seen most recently in the latest season of Arrested Development. It is located at 18808 Topanga Beach Drive in Malibu.

The incomparable Juliette Lewis….


There area few locations that I wasn’t able to get to on the trip or the no longer exist, include the Luckie Street Grill was demolished shortly after filming; it was located at 323 Luckie Street NW in Atlanta.

The Crest Motel was also torn down, but was located at 8180 Hwy 278 in Covington, Georgia.


Roy’s Cafe is l located at 87520 National Trails Highway in Amboy, California.