sam raimi

Darkman (1990)

I missed it in theatres, but Darkman became one of my favorite videos in the early 90’s. Throughout the years, I have visited various locations, but finally decided to put it on a page for the 29th anniversary of the release date, August 24 1990.


First up is the laboratory, located just above 458 East 3rd Street in downtown Los Angeles. In a later scene they walk over to Crocker Street.

The Angelus Rosedale Cemetery has been used in countless films. It is located at 1831 W Washington Boulevard.

The apartment building is located at 2505 West 6th Street.

The fantastic scene where Ted Raimi loses his head is at 1725 Ivar Avenue in Hollywood.

The deli scene is just a couple blocks away at 6300 Hollywood Boulevard, but the scene is on the Vine Street side of the building.

I didn’t match this up specifically for this movie, but had to have a picture of the Rosslyn Hotel in Los Angeles, located at 112 West 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles.

The day I finally got to this location, this area was closed, but tried to get a few shots. It is located at 201 N Los Angeles Street.

The lamp has changed, but the house is the same, located at 664 Alameda Street in Altadena, California.

The following sequences were shot in Chinatown area of Los Angeles, with the restaurant located at 845 N Broadway.

This is the Los Angeles Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. This is the Main Street side of the building.

Always convenient to have a clear sign available, the McKenna Boiler Works is located at 1510 North Spring Street. This area has completely changed since filming.

The Third Street Tunnel has been used in many films, but I just did a quick driveby shot here.

The final scene was shot at the corner of West 7th Street and Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles.

Ted Raimi (Rick) in Darkman.