The Real O'Neals

While perusing Hulu tonight, I thought I'd give the new show, The Real O'Neals, a shot.  As I'm a big fan of Raising Hope and Martha Plimpton, it has moments where they seem to to emulate that show, but so far it's not that good.  Nonetheless, I thought I should seek out a few of the locations seen in the first few episodes. As I'm not out in LA right now, all the pics are taken from Google street views.

First up is the house itself, relatively easily to find thanks to a real house number.  It islocated at 2298 West 20th Street in Los Angeles.

Next up is the family church.  It is the Calvary Presbyterian Church at 1050 Fremont Avenue in South Pasadena.

And finally is Felicia's Fabrics, which is actually Bargain Fair located at 4635 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.

That's all for now... and maybe forever, not sure if I am going to stick with this show!