A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

As with Freddy vs. Jason, this entry is more for completeness sake rather than any love of this movie.  I try to keep an open mind about remakes/reboots/re-calibrations, but this one was just unnecessary and brought nothing new to the table.   While the reshoots were shot in Los Angeles, it was mostly shot in the Chicago area.   While I was up there, I had fellow set-jetter, Chas from itsfilmedthere.com, take me to some locations. Here we go!

We'll start with the cemetery, located at Bluff City Cemetery at 945 Bluff City Boulevard in Elgin, Illinois.

Springwood High is located at Elk Grove High School at 500 West Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove, Illinois.

Location fail!  The bookstore was located at 2850 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, but as you can see, it is no longer there.

Tina's house... okay.... Kris's house is located at 233 Linden Road in Barrington, Illinois. 

The pharmacy was located at 4785 West Cermak Road in Cicero, Illinois.

The gas station is located at 5147 W Roosevelt Road in Cicero, Illinois.

The preschool is located at 11401 South Green Bay Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

And finally Nancy's house.  The new incarnation of 1428 Elm Street is located just down the way from Tina's... err... Kris's house.  It is located at 216 Linden Road in Barrington, Illinois.

I believe the only cast member I've met from the film is Thomas Dekker, who plays Jesse.

During the month of October 2015, Warner Bros. Studios Tour had some props from the film on display including Freddy's sweater, hat, and glove.