Freddy vs. Jason (2003)

For completeness sake... well, more because I was in Vancouver, I thought I'd search out a few locations from Freddy vs. Jason.   Like the Star Wars prequels, this was a film fans were clamoring for that in reality, we realized we didn't want at all!  I believe the main issue is that by trying to appease both Freddy and Jason fans, it ended up both a disservice.  Don't even get me started on Kelly Rowland calling Freddy a f*ggot... in 1983 you may get away with that, but 2003.... ridiculous on the director and producers letting that through.  Anyways, let's take a look at some locales for Freddy vs. Jason.

First up, we'll go to the school located at Kerrisdale Elementary at 5555 Carnarvon Street in Vancouver, British Columbia.   This school was also used in the first Final Destination movie.

Next up is Blake's house, which despite having a house number, was a bit of a chore to find.  It is at 2170 West 35th Avenue in Vancouver.

The intersection at Queens road and Edgemont Boulevard in North Vancouver was briefly seen in this shot.  This street was used extensively in the original The Stepfather.

Mark's house has undergone some renovation, but is still recognizable.  Also in North Vancouver, it is at 1615 McBride Street.

Last but not least is Lori's house that is supposed to be the 1428 Elm Street house.  Obviously not the same house, but they did find a semi-reasonable location (much better than the Halloween 5 crew did for the Myers' house!).  I wasn't able to find it in time for my last trip to Vancouver, so the shot below is from Google street view.  It is located at 3258 West 36th Avenue.

I have been able to meet a few of the cast of the film including Robert Englund (Freddy), Ken Kirzinger (jason), Monica Keena (Lori), Jason Ritter (Will), and Katharine Isabelle (Gibb).