What Ever Happened To Baby Jane (1991)

Feud, Ryan Murphy's latest series highlighting the behind the scenes drama between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the original What Ever Happened to Baby Jane film is set to premiere soon. Not many know that cult classic was remade in 1991 starring real-life sisters Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave. Of course, it doesn't even come near the heights of the 1962 version, I have visited a few locations over the years and finally felt it was time to publish.

First up is a flashback scene, easily identified as Venice Beach.  I had not visited this location for this particular movie, so I lined up my previous shots as close as I could to the screenshots.

Jane visits a video store which shockingly, still a video store, but not for long unfortunately.  This is Vidiots located at 302 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica.

The storefront still looks the same, but now the bricks are brightly colored and the door has moved to a different spot.

Inside the store looks mostly the same, but VHS tapes are long gone!

The counter is in the same spot but the shelves behind it have been updated.

The mural on the side of the store is now painted over.

Billy (John Glover) walks up Schrader Avenue in Hollywood up to the corner drugstore located at 6554 Hollywood Boulevard.

Billy begins walking to meet up with Jane, but strolls by this house first, located at 500 South Hudson Avenue in Los Angeles.

And then he walks by this house which may look familiar to fans from the original film.  This is the house next door to the Hudson's, the Bates home at 166 South McCadden Place.

And finally we make it to the Jane and Blanche Hudson house located on Hudson Avenue!   The home is at 501 South Hudson Avenue.

The driveway gate was always open during my visits but it looks to be the same one.

The front door to the home remains the same as well.

Jane drops Billy off in front of a famous Hollywood mural, most recently seen in La La Land, located at 1648 Wilcox Avenue.

Here is a shot of the driveway....

Jane gets money out of the bank, located at 119 North Larchmont Boulevard.

Back to the house where Jane dashes Blanche's hopes of escape...

Both Dominick and Billy arrive separately at the house...

There are only a few online pictures of the inside of the house, included here for reference.

And back to Venice Beach for the final scene....

I was like to meet Amy Steel (April Fool's Day) and see Lynn Redgrave at the Sundance Film Festival.