A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master (1988)

By the time the fourth entry in the franchise rolled around, Freddy was a household name and had lost much of the fear once associated with original film.  As I sat in the theatre, I was quickly made aware that this the MTV version of the Elm Street I once knew.    I know this is a favorite for many fans, especially those who hold the special memory of the first entry to see in the theatre, but this one fell a little short of my expectations despite the solid directing efforts and cast.


A location that eluded many fans for years was Alice's house.   Thanks to some guidance from Andras Jones, I was the first one to track down the home at 1510 Oak Street Burbank.   

Springwood High is now played by Venice High School (aka Rydell High from Grease) in this installment.

Also with the help of Andras Jones, I  was the first to find the Crave Inn at 4243 Overland Avenue in Culver City  

For this sequel and the next few films, they did not use the original Elm Street house or street but instead built a facade of the house in a different neighborhood.   Here is where the facade once stood at 433 South Serrano in Los Angeles.

It took a lot of detective work to find the street by finding the houses appearing across from the house facade.

Another first-to-find location for me was Kristen's house at 450 June Street, which is also right by the corner of the final bus stop in Part 2: Freddy's Revenge.

The locations in the cemetery was a bit harder to find.  The Evergreen Cemetery is located at 204 North Evergreen Avenue and was also used in the first and third Elm Street.  The scenes were shot near the north side of the cemetery.  Here is the first spot where Dan is walking.

Here is the spot of the actual funeral.  I quickly became adept at finding and lining up gravestones.

The Rialto in South Pasadena was used in one of Alice's nightmares and was also featured in the opening scene of Scream 2.

I was the first to find Debbie's house, not too far from the Crave Inn, so their drive to it was actually realistic!  Her house is located at 10742 Farragut Drive in Culver City.

The Mulholland Fountain seen at the end of the movie...