Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998)

Jamie Lee Curtis truly gave fans a treat by jumping back in the genre and giving us a worthy follow-up to the Myers saga, plus the return of Laurie Strode.

There are a  LOT of photos, so please let the page load up and click on the arrows to see each set of pictures.

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UPDATE: As 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the film, I took the opportunity to revisit all the filming locations, including the Paramour Estate and update this page. I also shot a new video for it, click below:


The first shot of the movie is front of this house at 4957 Melrose Hill Street in Los Angeles.  The camera follows some kids down the street as Marion Chambers Whittington gets home.


Marion's house is located at 4946 Melrose Hill Street (although they claim it is Cypress Pond Road in the film).  For visitors, you may be surprised that this house is on the edge of a cul de sac, she only drove about ten yards.  You'll see a variation in the house painting scheme as this is a mixture of different visits.


Next door is Jimmy's house located at 4940 Melrose Hill Street


Jimmy decides to check out the house...


"But they did a real number on your office."


"I say we egg the house across the street."




"In here, god dammit!"


"Michael Myers, yeah right."


We now move to the Paramour Estate, also known as the Canfield Moreno Estate. Built in 1923, the mansion has a long and unique history, but more recently has served as a location for many television and film productions.  Horror fans will recognized this location two years later in Scream 3.

After the opening credits, we enter Laurie's nightmare on the ground floor, lingering momentarily at the stairway to the second floor.  Then the camera floats down to the other end of the hallway.


The camera then enters the classroom, and over to Keri Tate's desk.


The clock that strikes midnight, signaling it's Halloween, was on this fireplace mantle.

The camera then spins towards a closet door.  Although this is not a closet at all, but the entrance to the upper kitchen.


The opening shot of the school used CGI to make it appear as a much larger campus and on a hilltop.  Special thanks to Mr. H from OHMB.net, a true master of finding Halloween locations, who found the gate location.   This spot is tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, just north of Chatsworth, California, near the Deer Lake Highlands area. The easiest way to get there is to exit the 118 Freeway at exit 35 (DeSoto Avenue).  From there, turn north on Browns Canyon Road about a mile and a half until you reach the gate location (coordinates: 34.286979, -118.591998).


Back at the Paramour Estate where we pan up to Keri Tate's house.  This is the Corner Cottage on the estate. I was lucky enough to stay there two nights on a recent trip. It was definitely surreal to not only be staying at "Hillcrest Academy" but to be in the Tate house. 


As the kids make their way to class, you can see Keri's cottage in the background.  You will notice on the right side of the frame that the Gate House and Coach House are now walled in to ensure the privacy of guests.  The stairs they take at the end of the shot lead right up to the main circle driveway of the mansion.


Keri watches them walk to school, although I'm not sure if the actual Corner Cottage exterior window was used for this particular shot...


...however, I can confirm that the reverse shot was indeed used from inside the Corner Cottage.  For those curious, the interior of Keri's house was all a set. But don't let that stop you from staying here, the Corner Cottage was a fantastic place to stay and there are more photos of it at the end of this article.


Back at school, you can see the pool was completely covered up to make it appear as a courtyard. You may note the stairs behind John are no longer there and have been replaced with a spiral staircase obscured by the greenery. 


The reverse shot is on the oppose site of the same building in the backyard. Movie magic at its best!  The production built a false door in front of the large window to the ballroom.


The scene continues cleverly reversing shots to completely different places making it appear they are all in the same spot. 



"We ditch Yosemite, it means we can have a Halloween party, just the four of us."


Back in 2013, I found the rest stop area. It took me a while to track down this one, but my perseverance and patience paid off.  The rest stop entrance is the drive into Malibu Creek State Park at 1925 Las Virgenes Road in Calabasas, California.


Now the actual restroom used is tricky.  There are a few restrooms in the area of this park, but none quite match up the exact building nor position as seen in the film.  It's possible that they have been moved or some set decoration changes were made, but I'm unsure at this point. This restroom appears to be in the approximate spot based on the slope of the mountain and the highway seen in the background.


There is one restroom that matches the doors and bricks, but isn't in the location it appears in the movie. 


For the reverse shot, you can see how mountains line up in the background.


Back at the Paramour Estate, the ballroom serves as the location for Keri Tate's speech about Yosemite.


Will and Keri work their way through this hallway, which is on the first floor next to the pool. They begin by a closed door (which leads to the staircase in the first nightmare scene) and walk toward's Keri's office.


As you can see, Norma's office is a bedroom at the estate.


They continue on through the doorway to Keri's office. The entryway looks about the same, but they have painted over the bricks one the wall portion.


"Can you just stop with Keri analysis, just once please.  You can do it tomorrow all you want, but please, can I just have today off?"


The office is a living room are with a fantastic view of downtown Los Angeles on one side and the pool on the other.


Back at the main gate and guard shack. (As we are now beginning to repeat some locations, I will put up a movie quote unless there is something to remark about a particular spot.)


"Round melon? What?! Now why you want to label it like food?"  


The town of Summer Glen is featured in the next few scenes.  Keri Tate drives up on Main Street in La Puente, California. (This is not too far from the phone booth scene in the original Halloween.)


She parks in front of the store at 15818 Main Street.


She continues to down the sidewalk, distracted by some trick or treaters on the other side of the street before she is startled by some kids in front of her.