Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

One of my favorite films in the series is the underrated sixth entry, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.   This one captured the tone of the original and was released just before the new self-aware horror films took off after Scream.  Shot mostly in Salt Lake City with some reshoots in LA, I visited a few of the Utah locations in 2008 while I was in the area for the Sundance Film Festival.  I've also included some pics from fellow fan, Ryan Redden, who was there in Summer 2015.

First up is the new Myers house.   Although still not a ringer for the house used in the original film, its miles ahead of the one the used in Part 5.  The house is located at 1926 Lincoln Street in Salt Lake City.

Right across the street is Mrs. Blankenship's house where Tommy Doyle, now played by Paul Rudd, lives in the upstairs bedroom.  It is located at 956 Ramona Avenue in Salt Lake City.

Thanks to a fellow Halloween set-jetter, the "bus station" has been found at Ogden-Hinckley Airport located at 3909 Airport Road in Ogden, Utah.   Sorry for the bad quality, the best I could find was a google map image.

The college used has changed quite a bit, so there is not much to match up here.  Plus I came in the middle of winter, so it's definitely missing that fall look

Thank you to fellow set-jetter, Ryan Redden for grabbing a pic of underground layer of Smiths Grove where they performed the rituals.

For the dedicate fans, you know this building (also used in Halloween 4) was used as an establishing shot for Smiths Grove in alternate cuts.   This is located at 400 East Capital Park Avenue in Salt Lake City.

However, for the reshoots in LA, this entrance was used for Smiths Grove.  This is located at 2301 Bellevue Avenue in Los Angeles, however the side used is on the Coronado Terrace side of the building.

ON LOCATION:  Here are some shots of me and other set-jetters on the set at some of the locations.

Throughout my travels, I have gone to some horror movie conventions and specifically the Halloween ones.  Below are some of the cast I have met over the years.

For fans wanting to make the trek to locations, I keep a map updated with all known Halloween locations, click the pic below!