Halloween (2018) Motel

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The motel was not a quick find for me, but fortunately I had purchased the novelization of the film. In the book, they mention the podcasters are staying at the Siesta Motor Lodge. I though, could this be the actual name of the motel? I checked it out and it was the correct one, located at 4044 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston. (This motel makes a brief appearance in Mr. Mercedes.)

The management was kind enough to let me know exactly which room they filmed in, but…

…there was someone occupying the room at the time…

..however, they were nice enough to let me grab a few shots of the room.

I didn’t want to bother the occupant any more than I already did, so these shots don’t always match up exactly.

For those interested, they shot in Room 133, located near the back of the motel complex.