Halloween (2007)

With a sense of anticipation and dread, it was inevitable that Halloween would be remade.  The end result was a pretty mixed bag.   Some things Rob Zombie got right, other things were so completely wrong it was unforgivable.  I actually tracked down and visited some of the locations a few months before the film was released, but have revisited some of them years later, hence the pictures are from various trips.  As I was putting this entry together, I realized that it was before I made a concerted effort to get matching angles, something I will work to get in the future.

The film opens on the Myers house in late 1970's.  Just a few blocks from the original house, the new location is at  1110 Glendon Way in South Pasadena, California.

Michael's elementary school is in the same area as well, located at 1020 El Centro Street in South Pasadena, California.   (Interiors were shot at Eliot Middle School in Altadena.)

Smith's Grove returns to familiar Halloween territory, shot at the VA Medical Center at 16111 Plummer Street in the North Hills area of Los Angeles.   (A different part of the campus was used in 1981's Halloween II.)

Laurie Strode's house is also on sacred Halloween ground.   Located at 1002 Highland Street in South Pasadena, this is the "speed kills" street from the original film.  In fact, the original of trio of girls were headed right for the house on their walk home from school in 1978.

We return to the Myers house so Laurie can drop off stuff for her dad.

Haddonfield High School is set at the South Pasadena Library, located at 1115 El Centro Street and across the street from the "elementary school."  Later when the girls are studying, Laurie sees Michael standing at 1115 Oxley Street, Laurie Strode's 1978 home.

Dr. Loomis' lecture at Webster Hall is located at Los Angeles City College, 855 North Vermont in Los Angeles.

Adrienne Barbeau appears in a deleted scene at the adoption agency, which was shot at the Los Angeles Police Museum, located at 6045 York Boulevard.

The girls walk home from school  is on Fairview Lane, starting from Buena Vista Drive (where you can just glimpse Arnie's house from Christine!).   The girls walk towards towards Highland Street where they meet up with Sheriff Brackett.   Laurie then rounds the corner onto Highland, taking the same route Jamie Lee Curtis and friends took in 1978.   She returns to the Strode house where later her parents have a meet & greet with Michael Myers.

We return to the Myers house once more where Lynda and Bob meet their fate at the hands of Michael.  (Man, he walks fast!)

Haddonfield Char Broiled Burger is played by Fair Oaks Char Broiled Burger, located at 2560 Fair Oaks Avenue in Altadena, California.

The Doyle house is located at 1960 La France Avenue in South Pasadena, California.  During a visit in early 2007, I had located the Wallace house based on set photographs, but there had been nothing for the Doyle house.  I took a shot of nearly every house across the street, hoping one of them would be the one!   Of course,  I've revisited the actual house a few times since to get better shots.

The Wallace house is located at 1937 La France Avenue in South Pasadena, California.  I love the look of the house, especially the ornate window in the door.

And we return for the finale to the Myers house.  On one visit, I was able to get a peak in the backyard and see the pool used in the film.

I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of the cast, some just a few days before the film was released in 2007!

For fans wanting to make the trek to locations, I keep a map updated with all known Halloween locations, click the pic below!