Halloween II (2009)

As readers of my blog know, Halloween is my all time favorite movie.  While a remake became inevitable, I dutifully went to see it and was completely let down.  When a sequel was announced, I had the lowest of expectations going into the the theatre.  While it is still not a good movie, there were a few nuggets of greatness sprinkled throughout, that I give this film a passing grade.   As this was shot mostly in Georgia, I had not taken the time to search out the filming locations.  But after a fan requested the locales for an upcoming trip, I did some research to find the locations for Rob Zombie's Halloween II.  

UPDATE: In September 2016, I finally made to the Georgia locations, see updated pics throughout!

Okay, here we go!  For completeness sake, the first location is actually from the original shoot of Halloween (2007) using unused footage of Smith's Grove.   This location is at the Veterans Hospital at 1611 Plummer Street in the North Hills section of Los Angeles.

The film proper picks up minutes after the original, finding Laurie Strode wandering the streets of Haddonfield.  She walked nearly across the whole country from South Pasadena, California, to Covington, Georgia!  Horror-fans will recognize the courthouse square from 1986's Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.  Laurie walks on Clark Street from Monticello to Pace Streets.

She continues her walk down Floyd Street until she is stopped by Sheriff Brackett around East Street in Covington, Georgia.

The Myers house makes a brief appearance in the beginning and then again during an interview with Dr. Loomis.  The house is located at 2166 Conyer Street SE in Covington, Georgia.

The Brackett house is featured heavily through the film.  Set far from the road, it was hard to get pictures, especially with the foliage.  I have also included two pics  from the The Black Bunny blog to show what it looked like closer to the time of filming. The house is located at 1981 Broughton Road in Newborn, Georgia.

The hotel featured in a several scenes with Dr. Loomis and his glorious assistant Nancy, played by Mary Birdson, is the Intercontinental Buckhead Atlanta Hotel located at 3315 Peachtree Road.  I actually stayed at the hotel during my visit.  First are the exterior shots:

And here are interior shots of the hotel:

Uncle Meat's Java Hole is located at 144 Academy Street in Madison, Georgia.

The back of Uncle Meat's Java Hole is featured in a deleted scene.  A different location is used and is actually a block away facing the front of the store.  It is located at 120 9 Old Post Road in Madison, Georgia.   As Laurie is taking out the trash, she sees herself being hung by Michael Myers.   The house she is looking at is actually another couple blocks away at Jones Alley and Academy Street (Google Streetview pic).

Ever-meandering Laurie comes across a bookstore showcasing Dr. Loomis' new book.  The store is located at 1113 Floyd Street in Covington, Georgia. 

 She reads the book and finds out her true lineage in the parking lot behind the building.

The Rabbit In Red location is now located at Highway 142 and Pennington Road, in Farrar, Georgia.

The Haddonfield police department is located at the Morgan County Courthouse located at 150 East Washington Street in Madison, Georgia.

The spot where Michael crossed the field and sees the billboard for Dr. Loomis's book is located on Airport Road right be Poole Booth Road in Oxford, Georgia.  (If you look on Google maps, it looks like the poles used for the billboard are laying in the grass!)

Just up the road from the billboard spot is this barn seen earlier in the film.

The exterior for fans lining up for the Dr. Loomis book signing is at 545 North McDonough Street in Decatur, Georgia.   (I believe the interior was just a few storefronts down at 515 North McDonough.)  Scream 2 fans, this is just a quick walk away from "Windsor College" aka Agnes Scott College.

Finally, it's Halloween night and Michael Myers walks up Anderson Avenue SE in Covington while the house at 2186 Conyers Street SE is seen behind him.

"Are you a giant?"  The house used in this scene is at 2146 Thompson Avenue SE in Covington, Georgia.

And finally, the Phantom Jam, located at Church Street in Newborn, Georgia.  

Right around the corner by the church is the water tower.

I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the cast of Halloween II over the years...

Some locations that are not featured here include: Mya's apartment interior (4135 Conyers St SE in Covington; the therapist office interior at 2176 Monticello Street in Covington; the television studio at 260 14th St NW in Atlanta; the interior hospital at Dunwoody Medical Center.

For fans wanting to make the trek to locations, I keep a map updated with all known Halloween locations, click the pic below!