Vacation (2015)

While I'm always a little leery of remakes, sequels, or requels in this case, the 2015 Vacation hit the right notes for me. While some jokes flopped, most made actually laugh out loud. Plus, Christina Applegate always cracks me up.  During a recent trip to Atlanta, I took some time to visit a few of the locations for the movie.

Vacation 000.jpg

First up is Midway Airport in Chicago.  Anyone who has been there knows this is definitely not it!  We are actually at the World Congress Center on Andrew Young International Boulevard NW, right next to the CNN Center.

I guess I was lucky to find a time when the place was completely deserted!

I hate waiting for airport shuttles....

Some second unit footage here as they travel through Chicago.  (Not screen-specific, but just using a few images I had in my catalog.)

The "Top Notch Fuel & Food" is actually the Olympic Flame restaurant at 1740 Marietta Boulevard NW in Atlanta. As you can see, I hit a pretty rainy day here.

The inside of the restaurant has different chairs and booths, but structure is the same.

And here is the shot as they leave and we get a glimpse of the mystery truck...

Next up we see the Griswolds take a detour.  We have now moved to Covington, Georgia and the first house you see on the left is 1155 Floyd Street NE.  This is the same street Laurie Strode is walking down early in Halloween 2.

Next we see the car going in the opposite direction up the street in the town square of Covington.  They first pass by the Mystic Grill at 1116 Clark Street SW, best know for its appearance in The Vampire Diaries. 

And we reverse again going back down Floyd Street for the interior car shots.

They next drive by this house at 2146 Conyers Street SE in Covington.

Set-Jetter fail here.  For some reason, I forgot to hit up this location at Oxford College at Emory University at 110 Few Circle.   I included an image from the internet here for reference.

Vacation 083.jpg


One of my favorite locations to visit is Debbie's sorority house.  This is the Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast at 2176 Monticello Street SW in Covington, Georgia.   I highly recommend this place.   All the rooms are amazing and the staff were fantastic.  

But on to the movie, we have some establishing shots of the party.  The first one is in the back corner of the house.

The slip 'n slide is at the back of the house.

And the pool is at the back corner.

Here are a few shots of the front of the house.  Fans of The Vampire Diaries will definitely recognize this spot.

Here is a shot of the front door.

And a few more of the the house...

The family enters the property at the corner of Ivy Street SW and Monticello Street SW.  You can see the Twelve Oaks lamp post and sign right behind them.

The chug run!

Wait, are you Debbie Do Anything?

Love this scene with Christina Applegate!

This scene makes me laugh every time.  The Twelve Oaks was also used in Halloween 2.

My sister's favorite shot is  here where she throws up all the beer....

The next spot is the sign for the Hot Springs National Park.  I found this on Georgia Highway 20 turning on to East Main Street South in Hampton, Georgia.

For the turn into the springs, we are still on Highway 20 but in the opposite direction, turning on to South Hampton Road.

Some second-unit shots in San Francisco including the Painted Ladies houses and downtown.

In the one misstep in the movie is the awkward cameo of Clark and Ellen Griswold. I have never been a huge fan of Chevy Chase, especially the more you know about his actual personality, and here he is trying too hard and his jokes land completely flat.  But on the other hand, I understand why they had to seize the opportunity.  Their house actually used to be a bed and breakfast, but now houses a law firm.   It is located at 821 Piedmont Avenue NE in Atlanta.

Obviously a recent film, not much has changed here.

The garage doors seem to be the main change here.

I recognized a couple shots in the photos during the end credits were on the Warner Bros. Ranch.  Not screen-matched here since I took the photos from my catalog, but you can recognize some of the same spots.  The ranch is actually where the Christmas Vacation house is located.

Here a few of the cast members I have met over the years...