Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

While the original Sleepaway Camp cut out it's place in the horror genre with its twist ending, the sequels took a more humorous turn.  Shot back-to-back in 1987, Angela is now played by Pamela Springstreen, the younger sister of Bruce Spingstreen.  While I enjoyed the goofiness and brat pack trashing of Sleepaway Camp 2, the third entry was missing humor, heart, and scares.  So while I'm not a fan, I thought I would hit up the opening scene location while I was in Atlanta recently.


This first shot is actually taken from Google Streetview as I didn't go down the street far enough to grab the shot of the hotel, originally located at 223 Mitchell Street in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Angela drives the dump truck down Forsyth Street SW toward Mitchell Street.

Maria continues to walk down the sidewalk past the store at 205 Mitchell Street.

Angela continues to drive down the street...

Maria stops at the corner looking at the building at 199 Mitchell Street SW.

Maria crosses the street...

The truck barrels down after Maria....

The alley is now gated off, so I couldn't get too many pictures of it.

The stoop is located next to the alley at 101 Forsyth Street SW.

Shockingly, they have painted over "Angela is back".

The original Angela, Felissa Rose!