Halloween: H20 - Escape Hillcrest

As my original post for Halloween: H20 was over 1600 pictures and took a long time to load, I decided to split it up into separate scenes to make it easier and quicker for pictures to load:

They run down stairs next to the pool, but the steps have been replaced by a spiral staircase currently obscured by shrubbery.  (The last shot is not mine, but a vintage photograph I found on the internet that shows the original stairs.)


They continue down the main driveway where the main gate is hidden by a fake wall. 


The car is parked in front of the Corner Cottage.


As Keri speeds away, she makes a quick 90-degree turn onto the street. You can see they put up another fake wall to obscure the neighboring houses.

We are back at the gate in Chatsworth.  "I want you to drive down the street to the Becker's, it's a mile down the road.  Tell them to call an ambulance and get the police. Do as i say now!"

NEXT SCENE: Michael!