Halloween: H20 - Keri's Cottage

As my original post for Halloween: H20 was over 1600 pictures and took a long time to load, I decided to split it up into separate scenes to make it easier and quicker for pictures to load:

Back at the Paramour Estate where we pan up to Keri Tate's house.  This is the Corner Cottage on the estate. I was lucky enough to stay there two nights on a recent trip. It was definitely surreal to not only be staying at "Hillcrest Academy" but to be in the Tate house. 


Keri watches them walk to school, although I'm not sure if the actual Corner Cottage exterior window was used for this particular shot...


...however, I can confirm that the reverse shot was indeed used from inside the Corner Cottage.  For those curious, the interior of Keri's house was all a set. But don't let that stop you from staying here, the Corner Cottage was a fantastic place to stay.

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