Halloween: H20 - Off Campus Lunch

As my original post for Halloween: H20 was over 1600 pictures and took a long time to load, I decided to split it up into separate scenes to make it easier and quicker for pictures to load:

The town of Summer Glen is featured in the next few scenes.  Keri Tate drives up on Main Street in La Puente, California. (This is not too far from the phone booth scene in the original Halloween.)


She parks in front of the store at 15818 Main Street.


She continues to down the sidewalk, distracted by some trick or treaters on the other side of the street before she is startled by some kids in front of her.


She stops at 15814 Main Street to look at some jewelry when she is surprised by Will.


A few years ago, I tracked down the location of the restaurant, which is now a hobby store, located at 15819 Main Street in La Puente.  Because of the counter, I couldn't get a good matching screenshot, but it gives you an idea.


"I'll have another glass of chardonnay please."  


John and Charlie have a little off campus lunch.  The liquor store (which for a while was a Halloween store!) is located at 15834 Main Street in La Puente.  


"You're not allowed to have a little off-campus lunch, John."  Keri and John argue outside the barber shop (now beauty salon) at 15826 Main Street in La Puente.


"What do you think you can do, just wander around town?"


"Mister Sandman, bring me a dream..."

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