Kate's Secret (1986)

A guilty pleasure for sure, we get our first taste of Meredith Baxter in made-for-tv marvelous-ness before the Betty Broderick series. Let me preface this in advance, as much as I enjoy and laugh with this movie, I am not belittling or deriding the actual disease of bulimia nervosa or those who suffer from it.   That being said, this is a great tv movie that I've been meaning to do locations for years, but finally got around to it, so let's go!


We start off at Kate's home, which was relatively easy to find even without a house number. Al the front gate has changed, the house itself is just about the same.  It is located at 5815 Filaree Heights Road in Malibu, California. Kate jogs out of the drive and down the road...

No movie magic here, she actually continues down Filaree Heights Road around the corner of Floris Heights.  She wouldn't go far though, it's a dead end!

But she does turn around as we are now looking at the reverse angle as Kate jogs back up the hill and past the mailbox at 5855 Filaree Heights Road.

We move a few blocks away to the next location as she jogs around the house at 30608 Morning View Drive and down Guernsey Avenue.  And, yes, I took the opportunity to do the Kate jog...

...here is a gif of me jogging Kate's path....

kates secret giphy.gif

She continues down Guernsey Avenue. There are a few new houses on this street, but still very recognizable with an ocean view...

Love this sign!

Next, we are at the grocery store, just a few blocks from Kate's house.  It used to be called Trancas Mart and is now Vintage Grocers, located at 30745 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

The inside of the store has changed quite a bit, but I did my best to replicate a few shots.

Not sure if this is the exact spot of the 'chocolate cookies', but close!

The refrigerated area has changed the most...

As Kate finishes up, she walks back up this aisle...

...and out of the grocery store.

In 1986, the grocery store was by itself, but now they  have a building added directly on to it, so no more sneaking around the corner to throw up.

Back to the house again for a few shots.  You can see the back porch from the road, which is featured in an early scene.  

I have a thing for chocolate cake too.... and to be honest, not against to eating it of the floor either.

kates cake.gif

During the binge night, Kate goes to several places.  She first stops at this convenience store, located at 5940 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood.  And, the dentist office is STILL next door!

We go a few blocks up the street for the next fast food joint.  This used to be Sandy's Char Burger, but has been closed for a while. It has been used in numerous films, but is best known as Pig Burgers in Better Off Dead.  Located at 6223 Lankershim Boulevard, I was surprised to find the spot where the menu sign was located over thirty years ago.

The drive-thru window is on the other side of the building, but I wasn't able to see it on the latest visit, so below are pictures from a few years ago.

Just a few doors down is the next scene where Kate turns off Lankershim Boulevard and onto Erwin Street.  I couldn't get very good shots on this trip as there were a lot of people working, it was the end of the day, and I didn't feel like being that weirdo taking pictures. :)

I didn't go to this next spot for as the Picwood Bowl is long gone, but was located at 10900 Pico Boulevard in West Los Angeles.  This spot is just down the street from several scenes in Nine To Five.

Kind of a strange photo here, but here is me in between Michael Rapaport and Shari Belafonte, while I was waiting to talk to him.

Kate 998.jpg