Madonna: Blond Ambition/San Pedro

I have been wanting to get into the Warner Grand Theatre as I knew that some of Madonna's most infamous photographs were shot there by Herb Ritts for the upcoming Blond Ambition Tour. It wasn't until I saw the theatre featured in Ryan Murphy's "Feud" that I decided to reach out to see if I could photograph the location. To my delight, they said yes! Located at 478 West 6th Street in San Pedro, California, the theater embraces their "Blonde Roots."   Be sure to check out their website and upcoming events at

For the photos, I have posted black-and-white versions, color, and of course as a true fanboy, a picture of myself in the same spot.

First up is the men's restroom located downstairs. Although there are now partitions in between the urinals, this spot looks virtually the same.

Next is the stage itself.  The theatre was built for movies, not plays, so the stage is relatively shallow.  First up is a polaroid of Madonna dancing...

Also shot on this stage is probably the most iconic photos of the shoot of Madonna wearing part of her Holiday costume from the Blond Ambition tour.

Next is the "waves wall" which is located just outside the large stage door.  Unfortunately, some of the painting has deteriorated and a large curtain is blocking parts of the wall, but it is still very recognizable...

Other spots of the shoot included a few shots behind the screen and in front of a sparkling green curtain, which no longer exists. The roof photos were actually shot at the building next to the theatre.  

Special thanks to Warner Grand Theatre for allowing me to visit and get these shots, you guys are great!