Monster Squad (1987)


1987 was a great year for genre movies: The Lost Boys, The Gate, Friday the 13th Part VII, The Hidden, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Prince of Darkness, Return of the Living Dead, Witchboard... and of course The Monster Squad.  A big fan-favorite, the film was mostly shot in the studio, but there a few exterior locations.  You can also read about these locations in my article for Horror's Hallowed Grounds in HorrorHound magazine.  

We open on the boys' school, located at 11562 Richland Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

On the way home from school, they walk around the corner of 12th Street and Georgina Avenue in Santa Monica.  A lot of the trees and some of the houses have changed in the area, but a few houses are still the same.

Sadly, the next location no longer exists.  The "scary German guy's house" was located at 229 12th Street in Santa Monica, California.  The house was demolished and replaced with a much more generic looking home in 2014.  The second picture below shows the house as it appeared in an old Google Street View.

The kids continue up 12th Street towards Brentwood Terrace.  Many of the houses have been replaced on this street.

Fortunately, a few of the trees are still there since filming over 30 years ago.

The backyard treehouse, the cemetery, and many of the scenes in the woods were shot in the Newhall area, north of Los Angeles.

Next up is the museum location that was actually filmed in.... a museum!   This is located at the Natural History Museum at 900 Exposition Boulevard in Los Angeles.  

The street where the mummy escapes is actually right behind the museum on State Street next to Exposition Park.

The next spot was located at Universal Studios on Colonial Street, now name Wisteria Lane.  Unfortunately, this area no longer exists at the studio.  The shoddy comparison pics are actually taken from a video I took on an old trip.   (This area also appeared in Freddy's Dead when the kids kept going in circles.)

In the same spot at Universal Studios is the colonial mansion.  Again, this has also been torn down and the comparison shots are from a video I took on a trip from years ago.

The boys return to the scary house.  The only recognizable spot is the tree in front of the home.

The boys walk through the alley behind the house on 12th Court.  The white fence on the right and one of the garages are still recognizable from the film.

Sean's house is located on the Warner Bros. Ranch.  This part of the studio is not open to the public, but I got the chance for a visit this  year.  The back of the Sean's house is actually the true back of the house on the ranch, with only several changes made to the facade in the past three decades.  All the reverse shots of the treehouse are back in Newhall.

Preparing to fight the monsters, the boys ride their bikes on 12th Street in Santa Monica, just past Margeurita Avenue Terrace towards Alta Avenue.

For the photo lab, we go to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank.  This facade is right next to the town square on the backlot.  This street has been used in hundreds of productions and is usually available to visit on the tour.

I'm pretty sure the archery scene was shot on the grassy area on the Warner Bros. lot, most recently scene in La La Land...

Phil's restaurant is also on the backlot, but is at the Warner Bros. Ranch, also located in Burbank. This facade is known as the "gas station" and has been transformed many times over the years and barely recognizable.  

Back to the Warner Bros. Ranch for a few scenes at Sean's house, where Dracula arrives. The front of the house is essentially the same, although at the time there was a front porch, non-bay windows, and picket fence.

At the back of the house, Dracula goes to destroy the clubhouse...

As Dracula returns to the front yard, he is confronted by Sean's dad and the police...

Behind Stephen Macht, you can see a glimpse of the Lethal Weapon house, another creation from Shane Black.

Dracula transforms into a bat in front of the late Mary Ellen Trainor...

The scene where Phoebe catches up with the boys was shot on the Warner Bros. jungle set, used in many films included Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Jurassic Park...

For the finale, we are back at Warner Bros. Studios.  Here you can see the photo lab in the background as the car tears through the town square.   

They make their way to the church, best known to genre fans as where the Coreys went to get holy water in The Lost Boys.

The clock was built on top of the roof on the big brick building in the town square.  This building is usually a school or city hall and was most recently seen as Rydell High in Grease Live.

Back to the street in town square.  I've taken the Warner Bros. tour many times, so I included comparison photos from various trips to show how it changes over the years.

The reverse shot shows that many of the facades haven't changed that much over the years.

More action in town square....

Wolfman's got nards!

The Gill-man comes up out of the sewer here...

Dracula appears from the other side of town square....

Behind him, you can see the house used in Growing Pains, Gremlins, and Deadly Friend...

The vortex appears to the right of the church...

...and next to the house best known as Ross and Monica's childhood home in Friends.

The cavalry arrives and all is well again....

At various HorrorHound conventions, I have been fortunate to meet many of the stars and creators of the film...