Please Stand By (2017)

Although IMDB shows a 2017 date, it was fully released in 2018.  Based on the recommendation from a friend and having only the trailer to go on, I tracked down a few locations.


What appears to be the main house in the film is located at 845 Lake Street near MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.

The apartment seen in the film is just a couple blocks away at 725 South Westlake Avenue. I grabbed a quick shot from the alley and startled what appears to be a custodian back there!

Not my favorite part of town so from-the-car-only shot as she runs up 7th Street from South Alvarado Street to South Bonnie Brae Street.

The police cruiser turns from 7th Street onto South Westlake Avenue at this corner.  (This whole area was also featured in Netflix' recent Bright.)

Easy one here, the Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in Los Angeles.

Next are a few locations in San Francisco.  I didn't have any matching shots from my trips, so I provided some Google street-views for reference.  First is the corner of Market Street and Main Street.

This next shot is at the corner of 6th Street and Market Street in San Francisco.

And finally, this is at the intersection of Vallejo and Montgomery in San Francisco.