The Gloating Place (1986)

One of my favorite original Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes was "The Gloating Place" (1961).  I vividly remember watching it as a child and the final moments scaring the sh*t out of me!   Twenty-five years later, the episode was remade for the updated Alfred Hitchcock series.  Although it doesn't pack the punch of the original, it does have a few nice twists on the original episode.


The house where Samantha 'Sam' Loomis (Hitchcock sure does love that name) was relatively easy to find. Located at 11314 Goleta Street in Los Angeles, it's on the same block as the Alien Nation house and a couple blocks from the hospital from Halloween III as well as the building used in Terminator 2 and Bad Dreams.

The school was shot at La Canada High School, located at 4463 Oak Grove Drive in La Canada Flintridge, California. I did not revisit this location yet for screen-matching shots, but used what I had in my library from a previous visit. This school is most recognizable from the horror flick, Graduation Day.

And in the end, we return to the Sam's house...

This episode feature Stephen Macht, best known to genre fans for his role in The Monster Squad!

Stephen Macht.jpg