Silent Night Deadly Night Part 3: Better Watch Out!

A few years ago, I decided to track down the locations for the infamous 'garbage day' scene in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. As a completest, of course, I had to do the rest of the series which I wasn't too familiar with at the time, but became a good set-jetting journey.  While the first sequel is criticized for rehashing too much of the original, this third entry takes the series in an awfully weird direction. 

Silent Night Deadly Night 3 00.jpg

First up is the apartment complex.  Special thanks to Bill Moseley for guiding me to the right area to look for this location.  The apartments are located at 1800 West Hillcrest Drive in Newbury Park, California.

The 101 Freeway entrance is just west of the apartments on Venut Park Road.

When they say they are on their way to Piru, they weren't kidding.   Here is the sign (slightly changed since filming) where Ricky is hitchhiking.  This is on East Telegraph Road and Center Street, just east of Piru.  (Coordinates here for those that want to check it out: 34°24'34.3"N 118°46'42.4"W

The gas station is also in Piru, but no longer a gas station.  This building is just west of a real gas station located at 3915 East Telegraph Road in Piru.

Grandma's house was a bit trickier to track down, but I was able to located it just outside the Piru area.  It has been used in other productions, including the tv series, Justified.  I don't have an address for it, but the coordinates are: 34.411781, -118.740260

Right next door to the main house is a smaller house, also seen in the film.

Back at the gas station...

And finally back to the main house for the finale of the film.

Bill Moseley as Ricky!

Silent3 099.jpg

You can check out the locations for all the Silent Night Deadly Night films on this map.