Silent Night Deadly Night Part 4: Initiation (1990)

A few years ago, I decided to track down the locations for the infamous 'garbage day' scene in Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. As a completest, of course, I had to do the rest of the series which I wasn't too familiar with at the time, but became a good set-jetting journey.   So if you thought the third entry in the franchise was out there, this one takes it a step further and pushes it off the ledge.


We open on our main location a building on the corner of North Vermont and Melbourne Avenue in Los Angeles.

Ricky, now played by Clint Howard, comes around from the southeast side of the building... witness someone jumping to a fiery death.

Shockingly, there was no burning body on the sidewalk during my visit.

Next up is a quick shot of the "LA Eye" office. Fortunately the address is clearly seen on a welcome mat in the movie.  This is located at 1301 West 2nd Street in Los Angeles. We'll come back here later.

We return to the corner of "Newitt Street" as she investigates the strange death.

She parks on the Vermont Street side of the building and visits a storeowner.

She goes around the corner of the building. As you can see, everything here mostly looks the same, no Christmas tree on top of the building though.

Just a quick shot here as you can see The Dresden in the background of this shot.  This restaurant has been used in many productions and is just down the street at 1760 North Vermont Avenue.

We return to the "LA Eye" where she runs out into the street... the Paradise Motel, looking just as lovely as it did when the shot the film.  I was not getting out of the car for this one!  It is located at 1116 Sunset Boulevard.

And finally back at the main building on Vermont Avenue.  There are a few other locations I am working on getting and will update as I get there!

You can check out the locations for all the Silent Night Deadly Night films on this map.