Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

I am not sure if I'm in the minority view here, but I really liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, released in 2003. I loved Daniel Pearl's cinematography and appreciated they kept it in the same time period as the original, which I wish more remakes would do as well. On my most recent visit to Texas, I took the time to check out many of the locations for the series.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (5).jpg

In the prologue, we get our first shot of the Hewitt house, located at 901 County Road 336 in Granger, Texas. As fans know, you can't get too close to this house, but I did my best to replicate a few of the shots throughout.

Texas 001.jpg

The kids drive along a lot of dusty Texas roads, but I found this spot just north of the Hewitt house.

They also drive by the slaughterhouse, located at 2211 West 2nd Street in Taylor, Texas.  We'll come back to this spot later in the film, but this was a great location to see except for the horrendous flies and mosquitoes!

Next, we are en route to the gas station. This spot isjust west of the gas station on Cele Road in Manor, Texas.

The gas station is located at 18726 Cameron Road in Manor, Texas.

Unfortunately, there was a private meeting going on during my visit, so while I did get a peek inside, I couldn't get any pictures.  

I almost got into the backyard, but got stopped before I could get any good pictures of the outhouse, but you can see a few of the structures behind it are still there.

Because of the meeting, there were lots of trucks blocking my good shots!  Oh well.

Here we are at the mill located on Farm to Market Road 1105, just south of Farm To Market 972in Georgetown, Texas.  I loved that the tractor is still there, but wish I could have taken some better screen-matching shots.

This insert shot of the windmill could be the one right next to the house, but not sure.

The front of the mill is nearly the same after all these years.  I was surprised there were so many houses nearby as the filmmakers were good at making it appear in the middle of nowhere.

They love this shot...

This was kind of a yucky area and the bugs were awful, so I didn't venture back to this spot, but this is located at the back of the mill.

Back to the front where Jedediah runs off...

...into the favorite mill shot....

Back at the Hewitt house where Kemper meets his fate...

Sheriff Hoyt shows up to take care of the hitchhiker's body....

I wish I had got a better picture of the graffiti on the walls as it is all the same from the movie.

Erin returns without Kemper.... and they take off again!

...and back to the favorite mill shot....

A few more house shots, this time Andy loses his leg...

Love this shot and a few others where they nod to the original film...

Back to the mill.....

Love the night shots of the house.

Leatherface attacks!

This shot actually gave me the chills in the theatre and most subsequent viewings.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is the same spot but in reverse as the BBQ sign spot seen earlier in the film.

Back to the slaughterhouse. This meat company is is right off a busy highway in a pretty populated area but you wouldn't know it by looking at the film.

These gates are in the back of the buildilng.

And she's off again!   How many calories did she burn that night?!?

And finally, back to the gas station for the film's finale...

I collect movie props and wardrobe and usually hold onto it, but I did end up selling some of these pieces a few years ago.  As you can see, Ihad Morgan's hero outfit, including his glasses, jeans, shoes, and two shirts - one with the hook hole in the back!  I also had a painting that I would assume was Jedidiah's, but couldn't actually see it in the film.

As I am working on the series, I am putting all the locations on a map for fans: