The Happening (2008)

After a couple misfires, M Night Shyamalan may have hit a new low with the laughable film, The Happening. Although the film has a few bright points, in particular, Betty Buckley, it is a far cry from the heights he was soaring to after The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. These pictures are just a few of the locations I visited several years ago while in Philadelphia for a Madonna concert.

The Happening (1).png

First up is the school, located at 1699 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia.

Yes, I’m that guy that gets every shot….

The school was not open on my visit, but this is the path they take as they exit the building.

A key scene takes place at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Used in many movies including Blow Out and the new Glass, I didn’t take any screen matching shots for this movie, but you can see how it compares below.

As the caption says, this is Rittnehouse Square in Philadelphia.

Yes, even the trees still match!

On one of the streets to the square is the spot for the next few scenes, around 1818 Rittenhouse Square.

This is the sidewalk right next to street.

And here is the spot the camera pans to show the gun…

The bus stop is right in front of this deli at 1613 Pine Street.

For the walk home, it is right around the corner, but walking back towards the delie. Here he is around 319 South Smedley Street in Philaelphia.

Zooey is actually down the street in front of 337 South Smedley Street.

Although Betty Buckley has a small role here, I’m so glad he put her in a larger role in Split, she’s fantastic!