The Sixth Sense (1999)

M. Night Shyamalan hit box office gold with one of his first films, The Sixth Sense, released in 1999. Twenty years later, it’s hard to remember the mystery and chatter about the movie, now that the twist is well known and parodied to death. It still holds up as a pretty strong film and reminds me that Shyamalan can be a great director and writer. While I was in Philadelphia a few years ago, I visited some locations for the film and just now getting around to posting them here.

The Sixth Sense (1).png

First up is Cole and his mother’s apartment. The opening shot is at 24th Street and St. Albans Place in Philadelphia.

Malcolm sits on the bench, just across from the house…

…located at 2302 St. Albans Place.

When Cole runs away, he exits onto 24th Street then running up Grays Ferry Avenue.

Cole runs by this parking lot across form 326 New Street…

…to the St. Augustine Church, located at 243 North Lawrence Street. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t get a proper close up shot of the red door!)

Malcom is on New Street looking down towards the church.

Malcom’s house is located at 2006 Delancey Place in Philadelphia.

Back to Cole’s hosue. It looks to be he same bench seen in the film.

Cole’s school is located at 1420 Pine Street. This shot is on South Carlisle Street from the viewpoint of the school door.

Also on South Carlisle Street is this door to the school.

The restaurant was nice enough to let me shoot some pictures, but unfortunately there were some people eating by the shots I needed to get, so they are not exactly screen-matched. The restaurant is located at 1500 Walnut Street.

As Cole and Malcolm walk to school, they approach this intersection at North 21st and Green Streets.

This shot is a point of view from Malcolm’s house. This is just a few blocks south of Rittenhouse Square, where Shyamalan also shot Glass and The Happening.

The birthday party house is located at 2408 Pine Street in Philadelphia.

This is the Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Square in Philadelphia.

The boutique is located at 1108 Pine Street.

This shot is looking towards the boutique from South Quince Street…

…which Malcolm quickly walks down towards Waverly Street.

An establishing shot of Malcom’s house at 2006 Delancey Place.

How I wish there were no cars so I could get a proper screen-matching shot!

The scene that gets me every time is where Cole tells his mother his secret. This takes place in front of the Shiloh Baptist Church at 2040 Christian Street in Philadelphia.

“A lady. She died.”

“Oh my god. What can you see her? Where is she?”

“Standing next to my window.”

“Do I make her proud?”