As Glass is being released today, I thought I should finally get on the ball and post some of my Philadelphia locations, including The Sixth Sense and The Happening, from a visit nearly four years ago! Last weekend I got to see the trilogy of Unbreakable, Split, and early screening of Glass. Of the three, Unbreakable is still the best and one of his finest films.

Unbreakable (2).png

The opening shots is a location visited several times in the film, Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania. It is located at 235 South 33rd Street in Philadelphia. More on this location later as we visit it throughout the film.

The Limited Edition store is actually a restaurant. They were kind enough to let me take a few pictures inside. As you can see, you would barely recognize it as the location with the exception of a few elements in the room. It is located at 1602 Locust Street in Philadelphia.

Here is the outside of the Limited Edition. Obviously there were people eating so I didn’t quite get all the shots I need to screen match as I didn’t want to bother them!

Inside the store, you can recognize the location a bit more, especially the archways.

Back to Franklin Field…

This area looks virtually the same except the doors are now blue. (I’m wondering if they were painted green in the movie to match David’s signature color?)

I don’t think this is the exact hall, but was the best I could do as I snuck into the stadium for these shots!

This is on the north side of Franklin Field….

Mr. Glass follows the man through the Weiss Pavilion side of the stadium…

…then crosses South Street to the train station.

The station has had some renovations since filming, but looks about the same as it did nearly two decades ago.

Back to the Limited Edition where you can see the fireplace on the right…

Probably my favorite location for this film was the restaurant they went to on their date. Not a restaurant at all in real life, this is located at the Curtis Center, 699 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. The stunning mural is The Dream Garden by Maxfield Frederick Parrish.

The train station where David begins to explore his powers is not a station at all, but was a restaurant at the Packard Building at 111 South 15th Street. They didn’t let me take pictures, so I only had this one that I snuck. :)

And finally back to the Limited Edition for the final scene…