Bird Box (2018)

As Netflix continues to take over the universe, we are sometimes treated with decent films that would have otherwise been lost in the theatrical releases. Bird Box is a nice little film, and although based on a book by Josh Malerman, it definitely has the flavor of Stephen King. Although I’m not due to visit LA for another couple months, I wanted to get these shots out to fans, so it is mostly Goolge streetview shots for the time being.

Although a lot of the film and the river scenes were shot in Northern California near Crescent City, many of the scenes were shot in and around the Los Angeles area.

Bird 001.jpg

After the hospital visit, Malorie and Jessica, begin to encounter the chaos on the streets. The first shots are near the Warner Center in Woodlands Hills. Here they are at the corner of Owensmouth Avenue and West Oxnard Street.

In the next shot, they are magically transported nearly 50 miles east of that location to downtown La Puente, California. I immediately recognize Main Street as it appeared in Halloween H20.

Below are some of my personal shots from previous trips of this area…

The two continue further up Main Street in La Puente…

…but the accident occurs 15 miles northwest of the location. Now we are in Sierra Madre near the corner of North Hermosa Avenue and Sierra Madre Boulevard. Just down the street from this spot is the downtown area, home to many movie locations including Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Halloween II, Halloween III, The Fog, Return of the Living Dead Part II, Pyscho III, and more.

Jessica gets out of the car and walks towards Sierra Madre City Hall, which was also used briefly in Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2.

Back near the intersection, Malorie begins to run with the crowd…

…and of course to a completely different city 5 miles east in Monrovia, California. Here she running towards the intersection of North Canyon Boulevard and East Greystone Avenue.

The house used in the bulk of the film is located at 304 North Canyon Boulevard in Monrovia. The town was also used in many films and shows including Deadly Friend and The Goldbergs.

I will get to this spot soon for some proper shots!

When the group drives to the grocery store, we are back in La Puente. To the left is their city hall, located at 15900 Main Street, but this shot is on the Central Avenue side of the building.

The grocery store is 40 miles west of the previous location in Canoga Park. Fields Market is a great filming location used recently in Ladybird, American Horror Story: Cult, and Justin Timberlake’s video for Can’t Stop The Feeling.

These are my actual photos during my visit, but this was before Bird Box came out, so not quite screen-matched, but I did the best I could to find some comparison shots. The group actually comes in the side door of the store.

The liquor aisle in the movie is on aisle 7.

Malorie and Tom are shopping one aisle 1.

Malorie finds the birds near the cash registers at the front of the store…

Back to aisle 7 where the group has a run-in with one of the employees near aisle 8.

I’ve never met Sandra Bullock, but did see her during one of the times I won tickets to the red carpet at the Oscars. I have been fortunate enough to meet BD Wong, who has a small part in the movie.