Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998)

Jamie Lee Curtis truly gave fans a treat by jumping back in the genre and giving us a worthy follow-up to the Myers saga, plus the return of Laurie Strode.   Shot in the Los Angeles area, here are a few of the locations I've visited over the years.   

H20 (175).jpg


UPDATE: As 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the film, I took the opportunity to revisit all the filming locations, including the Paramour Estate, and shot a new video for it!


The first shot of the movie is front of this house at 4957 Melrose Hill Street in Los Angeles.  The camera follows some kids down the street as Marion Chambers Whittington gets home.


Marion's house is located at 4946 Melrose Hill Street (although they claim it is Cypress Pond Road in the film).  For visitors, you may be surprised that this house is on the cusp of a cul de sac, so when you see her car driving up, that's the farthest she could go.  You'll see a variation in the house painting scheme as this is a mixture of different visits.


Next door is Jimmy's house located at 4940 Melrose Hill Street


Jimmy decides to check out the house...


"But they did a real number on your office."


"I say we egg the house across the street."




"In here, god dammit!"


"Michael Myers, yeah right."

Mr. H from ohmb.net, a true master of finding Halloween locations, found the gates on Browns Canyon Road in Chatsworth, California (34.286979, -118.591998).

Later, the buses leave from the same gate area.  Moments later, they pass by Michael Myers truck, which is on the same road, just a bit farther south.  I couldn't get the exact shot lined up, but you can match up the mountains in the background.

In 2013, I found the rest stop area!     It took me a while to track down this one, but my perseverance and patience paid off.  The rest stop entrance is the drive into Malibu Creek State Park at 1925 Las Virgenes Road in Calbasas, California.

Now the actual restroom used is tricky.  There are a few restrooms in the area of this park, but none quite match up the exact building nor position as seen in the film.  It's possible that they have been moved or some set decoration changes were made, but I'm unsure at this point.  There is one restroom that matches the doors and bricks, but isn't in the location it appears in the movie.  There is a restroom that appears to be in the exact spot as seen in the film, but the structure is a bit different.   You can see how that particular one matches the slope of the mountains as well as the reverse shot of the mountainscape.

The town of Summer Glen is featured in a few scenes.  Keri Tate drives up on Main Street in La Puente, California.   She stops at 15814 Main Street to look at some jewelry when she is surprised by Will.

"I'll have another glass of chardonnay please."   A few years ago, I tracked down the location of the restaurant, which is now a hobby store, located at 15819 Main Street in La Puente.  Because of the counter, I couldn't get a good matching screenshot, but it gives you an idea.

John and Charlie have a little off campus lunch.  The liquor store (which for a while was a Halloween store!) is located at 15834 Main Street in La Puente.  

"You're not allowed to have a little off-campus lunch, John."  Keri and John argue outside the barber shop (now beauty salon) at 15826 Main Street in La Puente.

I am fortunate to have a few props from the film.  Below are three photos that are seen on Dr. Loomis' wall during the opening credits.

And here are a few of the cast and crew I have met from the film over the years.

For fans wanting to make the trek to locations, I keep a map updated with all known Halloween locations, click the pic below!