Halloween (2018)

As Halloween (1978) is my favorite movie, and I had an extremely high anticipation for the new 2018 film and couldn't wait to get to the new locations. 

UPDATE: Now the movie is out, I have been able to find and visit most of the locations. You will be pictures from my first visit in Summer 2018 as well as my visit this past Spring. .

Halloween 2018 (132).png

As there is an enormous amount of pictures, I have split each location within the movie into a separate page to make it easier to load and navigate. Just click on each link or picture to be taken to that page. If you have any issues, please let me know!

Smiths Grove (courtyard)



The gas station is at 1256 Yeamans Hall Road in Hanahan, South Carolina.

A few more gas station shots taken from a very bad copy while we wait for the blu-ray release. :)

“We’re from Haddonfield, can’t be prouder, still can’t hear us, we’ll yell a little louder!” Here is a shot from outside of the school that appears in commercials but not the finished film. This is located at 5000 Lackawanna Blvd in North Charleston.

Vicky babysits Julien at this house is at 40 Fenwick Drive in Charleston, SC.

There are a few scenes that appear in the backyard of the house as well...

The houses in the reverse shots are located at 41 and 43 Fenwick Drive.

Here are some more shots with screencaps from a very bad copy while we wait for the official bluray release.

The kids Laurie tells to run are in front of the house at 340 President Street in Charleston.

This shot appears to be in front of 336 President Street.

In the second trailer, we get a longer sequence of two children bumping into Michael in front of 330 President Street, which is essentially the “Halloween II” scene for this film....

Michael turns and starts walking to the carport of Gina’s house...

He continues walking through the carport...

To this shed.... Notice the ladder and lawnmower haven't moved!

Here is a shot through the window of the house towards the shed...

Michael exits the house....

And begins to walk down the street...

He walks to this house at 338 President Street, which is Andrea’s house in the film...

After the dance, Alyson & Oscar walk through this intersection at President and Huger Street. <Photo credit: Chad Weaver>

Oscar and Allyson cut through the backyard of Mr. Elrod’s house, located on 478 Huger Street. At the time of my visit, I didn’t go into the backyard, but here is the front of the house.

After discovering Oscar on the gate, Alyson runs down the street to the blue house next door at 490 Huger Street.

She finally gets a neighbor to turn their light on at 500 Huger Street. <photo credit: Chad Weaver>

The area where Michael is hit by a car is next to the field near the corner of Lancaster and Monitor Street. <photo credit: Chad Weaver>

Click on the image below for a link to a map of filming locations for the entire series: