Halloween: H20 - Marion & Jimmy

As my original post for Halloween: H20 was over 1600 pictures and took a long time to load, I decided to split it up into separate scenes to make it easier and quicker for pictures to load:

The first shot of the movie is front of this house at 4957 Melrose Hill Street in Los Angeles.  The camera follows some kids down the street as Marion Chambers Whittington gets home.

Marion's house is located at 4946 Melrose Hill Street (although they claim it is Cypress Pond Road in the film).  For visitors, you may be surprised that this house is on the edge of a cul de sac, she only drove about ten yards.  You'll see a variation in the house painting scheme as this is a mixture of different visits.

Next door is Jimmy's house located at 4940 Melrose Hill Street


Jimmy decides to check out the house...


"But they did a real number on your office."

"I say we egg the house across the street."




"In here, god dammit!"


"Michael Myers, yeah right."

NEXT SCENE: Keri's nightmare