Halloween: H20 - Keri's Nightmare

As my original post for Halloween: H20 was over 1600 pictures and took a long time to load, I decided to split it up into separate scenes to make it easier and quicker for pictures to load:

We now move to the Paramour Estate, also known as the Canfield Moreno Estate. Built in 1923, the mansion has a long and unique history, but more recently has served as a location for many television and film productions.  Horror fans will recognized this location two years later in Scream 3.

After the opening credits, we enter Laurie's nightmare on the ground floor, lingering momentarily at the stairway to the second floor.  Then the camera floats down to the other end of the hallway.


The camera then enters the classroom, and over to Keri Tate's desk.


The clock that strikes midnight, signaling it's Halloween, was on this fireplace mantle.


The camera then spins towards a closet door.  Although this is not a closet at all, but the entrance to the upper kitchen.