Carrie (2013)

A decade would pass since the 2002 remake before Carrie would be remade again, this time casting an actual teenager for the title role, Chloe Grace Moretz. While it was trumpeted as a new version closer to the novel, there were so much lifted from the original screenplay that Lawrence D. Cohen was given credit in the film. A much longer cut was used at test screenings, but the theatrical version was heavily edited for a delayed release.   You can also read about these locations in my article for Horror's Hallowed Grounds in HorrorHound magazine.

The movie opens with a shot of the White house, located at 401 Niar Avenue in Mississauga, Ontario. The home was renovated before and after the shoot, so it barely resembles what you see in the film. As I was taking photos, I talked to the parents of the owner of the house who confirmed these renovations including altering the porch, roof and door placement.

The pool scene, as well as the library and one of the classrooms were shot at the Jarvis Collegiate Institute at 495 Jarvis Street in Toronto, Ontario.

The exteriors of the school were shot at Northern Secondary School at 851 Mt Pleasant Road in Toronto. In this scene, Carrie leaves with her mom outside the front of the school.

Carrie watches Chris, Sue and Billy in front of the school...

We return back home on Niar Avenue where Carrie flexes her power with the little boy on a bike. Interiors were shot on a set.

Ms. Desjardin tells the girls they did a really sh*tty thing the day before.  Here we are on the athletic field, located at the Northern Secondary location behind the school.

Meanwhie, Margaret drops Carrie off at the front of the school at Northern Secondary.

Back to the athletic field where Chris decides she has had enough...

Margaret White works at the dry cleaner/tailor located 773 Annette Street in Toronto. It was closed at the time of my visit, but was able to get some pictures and included a shot of the exterior for reference.

We return to the athletic field where Sue asks Tommy for a big favor...

Carrie intercepts Tommy as he goes to her house on Niar Avenue. Many of the homes on the street can be seen in the background.

Carrie shops for her dress at 201 Main Street in Newmarket, Ontario. I believe it was vacant at the time of filming, but now is a fish and chips restaurant.

Carrie walks home to find her mother waiting for her... this can't be good...

Finally, prom night!  Dreamy Tommy Ross shows up in a white limo to pick up Carrie...

We return to Northern Secondary School for the exterior of the prom, however this time we are on the Roehampton Avenue side of the building.

After the prom, Carrie lands on her feet outside the school and spots Chris and Billy making a getaway...

The teaser trailer seemed to promise a lot more town destruction than what we actually saw in the finished film. In the trailer, the camera flies down the street to find Carrie at the corner of Lennox and Bathurst Street in Toronto, but this never appears in the theatrical version. 

Instead, we get an extended scene of Carrie’s final confrontation with Chris and Billy by the gas station located at 215 Islington Avenue in Etobicoke, Ontario.

In a film with so much CGI, they did use some good practical effects in this scene, too.

One more time back at the White house, although its destruction was obviously not a practical effect.

I actually own several pieces of wardrobe from the film including a couple of Billy Nolan's outfits (which I surprisingly could fit into!) and one of the prom-goers...

I had the chance to see Chloe in person at the Slamdance Film Festival one year as well as Hart Bochner who plays Sue's dad.