Friday the 13th: The Series

As an 80's kid, when I heard that they were  creating a tv series for Friday the 13th, I was beyond excited.  Can you imagine... Jason causing havoc on a weekly basis!?  Well, that's not quite what we got.  While there were some interesting episodes, it never quite lived up to it's title.  I'll be curious if the newest incarnation on the small screen will be any better (if it ever actually happens).

While I  haven't decided to do extensive locations for the series, while I was in Toronto, I thought I should at least check out Curious Goods.  The location is in the Distillery shopping district and the store itself is Gentil Uomo, a men's clothing store.  The address is 19 Trinity Street, Toronto, Ontario.

Here are some shots from the opening titles of the first episode.

And another quick scene they shot at the exterior location...

They really didn't want to have any interior shots taken, but I sneaked a few in. I was fortunate enough to have fellow set-jetter and Horror's Hallowed Ground founder, Sean Clark, with me for this visit!

That's all for now!

One of my favorite new acquisitions is this promo gravestone apparently sent to television stations. The tombstone opens up and inside was press kit materials.